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Moving from Food and Fuel to Food, Feed, Fibre, Pharming, Fuels and Biorefineries (May 2009) - BIOENERGY CANADA article by Colleen Christensen. For those involved in agriculture, feedstocks were initially viewed as inputs for three main industries: food, feed, and fibre. With the emergence of the biotech industry in the 1990s, these three target markets expanded to include nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals (nicknamed “pharming”). 

DDGS can Support Immune System in Piglets  a (10/04/2009) - According to studies by Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists, feeding dried distiller's grains (DDGS) to piglets can give their immune systems an extra boost.

Can Fractionation Remedy the Effect of High Corn Prices? (01/10/2008) - Biofuels Canada article by Amanda Watkins 

Enzyme Technology for DDGS fed to Broilers (02/01/2008) - some of the latest research presented at the World Poultry Congress, Brisbane, Australia, June 30, 2008. 

Sulfur in Ruminant Diets - Presentations from the Midwest Section ASAS Symposium, March 2008 

World Biofuel Leaders react to Food Summit Resolution (05/06/2008) - joint statement from the leaders of the CRFA, eBIO and RFA 

USDA Feed Outlook (13/05/2008) - Record prices expected for all four feed grains 

NGFA comments on Canadian DDG import rules (21/04/2008)

Move Over Corn, Wheat's King in Western Canada (April 2008) Biofuels Canada magazine article. Western Canadian wheat growers anticipate ethanol will energize their wheat market in the same way it has the U.S. corn market by creating a new use for the dominant grain crop. Using wheat to produce ethanol, however, has its challenges. 

Government of Canada gives $3.9 Million boost to Biofuels in Ontario (28/03/2008) Nearly $4 million in funding announced under the federal ecoAgriculture Biofuels Capital (ecoABC) initiative for IGPC Ethanol Inc. 

CFIA Draft Policy Paper for Discussion - Regulation of Distillers’ Grains derived as By-Products from The Ethanol Production Process

Saskatchewan sees a bright future in Biofuels (March 2008) 

Canada Wants Feedback on DDGS Rules (20/03/2008) The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is inviting public comments on the use of by products (DDGS) from the bio fuel industry intended for animal feed purposes.

From Mad Cow Disease to Industrial Ecology (January 2008) Biofuels Canada magazine article. Discusses the value and use of distillers grains and how their use can be related to industrial ecology.

The Green Incentive: Biofuels Incentive Programs in Canada (January 2008) Biofuels Canada magazine article

Wheat DDGS Researched in Canada - Distillers Grains Quarterly

Framing the Future of Canadian Agriculture (29/0/2008) The Honourable Gerry Ritz, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food and Minister for the Canadian Wheat Board discusses the current state of the agricultural industry and what he envisions for the future of the agricultural and the biofuels industry. 

Enzyme technology benefits DDGS fed birds (01/02/2008) Broiler producers looking for lower feed costs with DDGS can save around $9 per tonne, without risking bird performance, according to the latest research from Danisco Animal Nutrition.